The Podcast Preview

10 - CoolGames Inc.

Aaron recommends CoolGames Inc., a comedy podcast where Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson pitch video games to real gaming insiders!

CoolGames Inc. is a new podcast from Polygon, hosted by Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy. Every week, Nick and Griffin solicit joke video game titles from their Twitter followers. On the podcast, they sort through these pitches, seeing which has the potential to be a fleshed out video game pitch. Then, they present their idea to a video game insider: a celebrity from the comedy or gaming world, or a real-life gaming exec who accepts game pitches in real life. The show is filled with constant laughs, and you get to see just a little bit inside the gaming world, too.

Griffin McElroy is a writer for Polygon and one of the best podcasters around. You can find him on Twitter or on one of his family's podcasts. If you like CoolGames Inc, you'll also like Griffin's Amiibo Corner.

Nick Robinson is a video producer at Polygon. You can find him on Twitter and YouTube.