The Pillagecast

Episode 17 - BURGER FIGHT

Get ready for an EXPLOSIVE episode of The Pillagecast! We talk about Facebook games, NYPD Blue, quelling riots, electric allergies, presidents, tugboats, and more! Rachel Anderson of The Devious Means joins the show to help us make sense of it all.

Also Gates and Josh get into a huge fight over burgers and science, and Josh is totally in the right and Gates is completely wrong and also, Josh looks great in a suit and is very charismatic and is very good at writing these posts.

Plus, The Pillagecast guys appeared on the latest episode of Pop Sickles, an incredibly great podcast that you should listen to. Check it out here

Check out The Devious Means show at the Anaheim House of Blues next month. Click here too see the event here and buy tickets!

Watch Josh on Benson's Boombox, hosted by show friend Matt Benson. You can view the May 17th episode in the archives.

Finally, here is the evidence for the burger issue. Remember Gates, when I pull out my science gun, it's always loaded. You had best recognize and realize that. BURGER FIGHT! BURGER FIGHT!