The Pillagecast

Episode 15 - FDA Approved!

The madness continues on The Pillagecast! We talk about jumping off buildings, robot babies, protesting THE MAN, terrifying corporate logos, and hasidic photoshops, all for your listening pleasure! Also, our special guest tells us about growing up around aliens, Josh nerds out a little, Phil mentions that dumb orchard, and Gates cries for humanity!

Also, show friends and intro providing band The Devious Means are playing a show at the Anaheim House of Blues next month. Check out the event here and buy tickets!

And finally, watch Josh stumble his way through Benson's Boombox, hosted by show friend Matt Benson, on May 17th. You can watch it live at 5:00 pm PST, or check it out after it airs on UStream. In fact, go there and watch some of the older episodes so you get the major plot points and aren't lost.

That is all!