Benview One-Offs

Tim Van Autreve

The SNES Podcast #12: Super Star Wars

"In this special three-for-one episode I am joined by Tim of the Star Wars Nerds Unite Podcast to discuss the three Star Wars games for the SNES, based off the original trilogy. Any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. can be e-mailed to Thanks for your support!"

Join Tim Van Autreve of Comic Nerds Unite and Star Wars Nerds Unite as he talks with Greg Polander on The SNES Podcast about the trilogy of Super Star Wars games for SNES.

This episode originally appeared as episode 12 of The SNES Podcast.

2 Dudes and a NES: Swamp Thing

From 2 Dudes and a NES:

"Into the Green! The dudes find themselves in another world this week and with them are the guys from the Comic Nerds Unite Podcast. While in the Green the Dudes and Comic Nerds decide to play a little Swamp Thing for the NES and read some Swamp Thing comics. (Because what else would you do in a metaphysical swamp)

While in the Green the guys decide to record not one but two podcasts, so after listening to this episode, you should go over to the Comic Nerds Unite podcast and hear the Dudes there.

Swamp Thing Nerds Unite! The Dudes are invaded in the green by Marc and Tim of the Comic Nerds Unite podcast to talk about Swamp Thing."

Originally posted as Swamp Thing | 2 Dudes and a NES.