Benview One-Offs

Justin Quizon

Super Geek Supreme!! - Level 7: THE FANTASTIC FOUR [End Boss- Agent Justin,]

Agent Justin, founder of, is back to quiz Justin & Roxanne on the comic books & movies of Marvel's FIRST superhero team!  Who was their first villain they battled?  Was Reed Richards really to blame for their power?  Can you tell the difference between the 2005 film and the 1994 film?  Did you LIKE the 1994 film?  Did you even know there WAS a 1994 Fantastic Four film?

IT'S TRIVIA'N TIME!!  Listen to Level 7: THE FANTASTIC FOUR now!!

Super Geek Supreme!! - Level 2: The Marvel Cinematic Universe [End Boss: Agent Justin]

Justin Quizon, of Benview on Spielberg and Agents of GUARD, was a guest on Super Geek Supreme.

In this episode, Justin attempts to explain why Terrence Howard played the better War Machine, Roxanne analyzes why she thinks Black Widow would be sorted into Slytherin, and our hosts get challenged by this week's End Boss, Agent Justin from, with some trivia questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

This episode originally appeared as episode 2 of Super Geek Supreme.