Emily Schmemily stepping down from Benview leadership

Emily Schmemily has decided to step down from co-running the Benview Network with Andrew Linde. Her decision in this matter was not taken lightly, but with much thought for the future of the network.

"I've felt that over the past few months that Andrew has put in more work and it is truly his network," Emily said. She still plans to continue working with Benview on her podcasts Benview on Spielberg, Pop Sickles, and the Super Mario Bros. Minute. "I'm glad to have started Benview with Andrew and seen it this far along."

In response, Andrew plans on doubling down his efforts to increase the success of Benview. Over the past few years, members of the Benview network have seen downloads for their shows reach the thousands and have gone on to be invited guests at various comic conventions. With an extra push, Andrew hopes to help each podcast on the Benview Network reach their full potential.

"I'm looking forward to connecting the hosts of the shows in new and exciting ways, and expanding their audiences," Andrew said. "I will be reaching out to several of our longstanding hosts to see what they think the future of Benview should entail."

The Benview Network was created by two great friends with the idea of presenting unique and exciting shows to the public and it will continue to do so even without the guidance of Emily.