Grissom on the Run slides into home!

Grissom on the Run is a new podcast joining the Benview Network lineup. The new show is hosted by Matthew Esposito, frequent host of Nerd’s Eye View, and focuses on the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

“When I was a kid the only teams available on television were the local clubs,” Esposito said. The Chicago Cubs, the Boston White Sox, and the Atlanta Braves were shown on cable channels WGN and TBS. “My older brother was a fan of Atlanta. Eventually Atlanta became my team as well.”

Esposito’s number one favorite sports broadcaster is Skip Caray. “He made me realize that sarcasm, wit and passion can carry a career for a long time,” Esposito said. “Outside of baseball, I always liked how Curt Hennig played a heel as a wrestling color commentator and how Chick Hearn made Lakers broadcasts sound poetic.”