Dinner Party Small Talk

Dinner Party Small Talk is a comedy and review podcast written, produced, and performed by Matt Graham and Nyssa Hamilton.
Matt Graham was born in 1986 to two middle-class white folk in the city of Brisbane, QLD, Australia. He WAS bullied as a child, but prefers to think that his sense of humour developed not as a coping mechanism, but as a natural by-product of reasonably high intelligence and a general awareness of the world's inherent absurdity. He is a voice actor, body actor, musician, singer, writer, and avid masturbator. If you are Matt's parents and are reading this, then ignore that last sentence.
Nyssa Hamilton is an actor and writer who can't seem to stay in any one single country. She enjoys lactose free chocolate milk and baking to relieve anxiety. She rarely, but sometimes, will post her thoughts at nyssahamilton.blogspot.com and tumbles often at nyssahamilton.tumblr.com.

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