Kaela King

27 - Oliver & Company (with Randy Guerra)

“Once upon a time in New York City” is the setting for this 1988 film, loosely based off Charles Dickens’ Oilver Twist. Kaela, David and returning guest Randy Guerra talk about dog breed caricatures, love letters to Manhattan, the music that sticks with them, and what the heck the deal with Sykes is.

Animusings+ - Who Framed Roger Rabbit (with the Ornelas Brothers)

Jeepers! At nearly three hours long, you know David, Kaela and special guests the Ornelas Brothers had a lot to say about this 1988 combination of live-action and animation and a technical achievement in more ways than one.Discussion points include cartoon civil rights, what makes a good Noir, bumping the lamp and how the plight of the Disney studios in the late 40s informs the plot.