Kaela Berry

26 - The Great Mouse Detective (with Allen Chaney)

Joined by longtime friend Allen - himself related to horror legend Lon Chaney - we hit a very different London after midnight in this 1986 mystery/adventure on a mouse-sized scale. Discussions include risque club scenes, the exact relationship between Basil and Ratigan, the 60-year reign of a mouse queen and why Vincent Price is an incredible actor.

25 - The Black Cauldron (with Nyx Fears)

It’s our 2-year anniversary, and we’re about to enter the Disney Dark Ages with this disastrous 1985 fantasy that nearly ruined the animation studio. As such, the kid-gloves are off, and we’re going to be perfectly candid about this one, joined by special guest May Leitz (Nyx Fears) to talk editing woes, foggy conditions and why Henwen is the best character.

24 - The Fox and the Hound (with Abysmii)

Abysmii is back to join the discussion of this significant 1981 feature, representing the reluctant passing of the reins from a previous generation of animators to the next. Points of discussion include Nature vs. Nurture, when and why a character should be killed off, how Tim Burton draws female foxes, and a cut scene involving Phil Harris and Charo that was indeed wise to remove.

23 - The Rescuers (with Papreeka)

Who will rescue special guest Papreeka (Raygun Readers) from having to discuss this mouse-driven mission from 1977? Or does she even need rescuing? Kaela and David are certainly happy to have her around as they talk about Bianca and Bernard’s developing relationship, the exact location of Devil’s Bayou, when the villain is a discount Cruella DeVille, and when it’s a good time for swamp yokels to yell “CHARGE!”

Animusings+ - Pete's Dragon

It’s a brazzle-dazzle day when Kaela, David and guest host Secoura stumble their way into this bizarre 1977 musical feature about a boy and his sometimes-animated, sometimes-invisble dragon. Discussion points include hillbilly jump scares, weird timing for breakout musical numbers, building a lighthouse vs. renting a lighthouse, and when chewing scenery is a good thing.

22 - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (with Lavecki)

This treasured anthology from 1977 is a source of many fond memories for Kaela, David and special guest Lavecki, who now venture back to the Hundred-Acre Wood as adults to revisit the menagerie of animals inspired by A. A. Milne’s books for children. Topics include the return of the package film, the comedy Rule of Three, meta-humor and our hosts favorite characters.

21 - Robin Hood (with Orion Moon)

Disney’s first proper anthropomorphic animal film gets the Animusings treatment as David, Kaela and guest Orion Moon enter Sherwood Forest and hobnob about this 1973 feature. Discussion includes the finale of the Phil Harris Trilogy, Ken Anderson versus Wolfgang Reitherman, Maid Marion’s confusing familial connections and lots and lots of recycled animation.

Animusings+ - Bedknobs and Broomsticks (with Random Encounters)

The debate stands: is this 1971 live action/animated fantasy adventure a spiritual successor to Mary Poppins, or is it just aping the formula hoping to produce similar results? Kaela and David aim to find out, and get a little help from guests AJ and Gwen of musical-parody channel Random Encounters. Topics of discussion in this episode include trippy bed-flying sequences, fun with rolling library ladders, cartoon soccer picks and “Mischief Nazis.”

20 - The Aristocats (with Ben Spiegel)

Does everybody really want to be a cat? Kaela and David ask returning guest Ben Spiegel this and many other questions as they push through the cat door of this 1970 feline flick set in turn-of-the-century Paris. Topics include crazy cat ladies, cartoon chase sequences, anachronistic jazz, why Thomas O’Malley is a saint, and how to make Creme de la Creme ala Edgar.

19 - The Jungle Book (with Nothing New: A Remake Podcast)

This month’s episode is a slow boat ride through the exotic jungles of this 1967 adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s most well-known work. Kaela and David are joined by Andrew Linde and Justin Quizon of Nothing New: A Remake Podcast to discuss Walt’s final years, out-of-place species, which Beatle is their favorite and, oddly enough, the importance of Jungle Cubs to continuity.

14 - Peter Pan (with Alex Hatzberger & Heather Donnelly)

With faith, trust, and a little pixie dust, Kaela and David head to Never Land in this 1953 take on a literal fairy tale. Along the way, they're joined by friends Alex Hatzberger and Heather Donnelly to discuss women being cruel to each other, perfect pirate couples, crocodiles acting like dogs and very racist caricatures.