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Nerd's Eye View 290: Suicide Squad

Review: Suicide Squad
Show Notes:
    Have you been listening to every podcast and reading every article about DC and Warner Brother's Suicide Squad? Waiting for your favorite podcast to talk about it? Good news! Jordan sat down with Matt Benson and Thomas Willett to have a rambling spoileriffic conversation about Suey Squiz. While they couldn't reach a consensus Andrew was happy he didn't have to watch it (he's hoping Wonder Woman is good). Enjoy the show and make sure to tune in next week for a special live Nerd's Eye View from Comic Con Palm Springs!

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A Very Nerd's Eye View Christmas (2013)

Andrew, Matt, and Jordan all sit by the fire while Santa gives them DVDs they wanted. They discuss various Christmas traditions including watching Rankin/Bass specials. Matt reveals the origins of his Die Hard tradition. We all vow to watch more movies next year! We'll return on January 13th with all new episodes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our theme music is from Juice-Tin. Follow Nerd's Eye View on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. Our BRAND NEW logo is from Justin Quizon of Agents of GUARD.  (RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)