What's New in Benview #5

Start May off the right way, with Benview Network podcasts! The beginning of a new month always means a new Benson's Boombox with guest Jake Winter! Nerd's Eye View is joined by Agent of GUARD Nathan Schulz. Radio BrendoMan flies in with their 69th episode(giggle at the content, not the number). shut up, leonard puts on tights for Community episode Heroic Origins. And if you aren't satisfied with any of that, this has been Chris Hardwicke with Nerdist Industries.

What's New in Benview #4

If you're looking for something to listen to while watching Wrestlemania 29, Matt and Brendo's Wrestling Show has got you covered! Nerd's Eye View answered the tough questions, like how was Oblivion? The Pillagecast has a new episode that covers many topics, but does it cover bees? Radio BrendoMan takes a trip to the Wayside School and other places of childhood nostalgia. If you love Jim Rash, you should listen to the newest shut up, leonard where the episode Basic Human Anatomy of the NBC show Community is discussed. If you like these podcasts, let them know! Rate/review them on iTunes, send them emails, comment on their posts!

What's New in Benview #1

April 1st wasn't just April Fool's Day, it marked the release of the newest Benson's Boombox entitled A Mel Gibson Improv . Nerd's Eye View dropped episode 137 with special guest Kevin Mastron. Radio BrendoMan released a special WonderCon recording featuring several Benview hosts. Shut up, Leonard reviewed and recapped the newest episode of Community, Herstory of Dance. Be sure to check back here every weekend for all the latest on your favorite Benview Network programs.