Animusings +

Animusings+ - Pete's Dragon

It’s a brazzle-dazzle day when Kaela, David and guest host Secoura stumble their way into this bizarre 1977 musical feature about a boy and his sometimes-animated, sometimes-invisble dragon. Discussion points include hillbilly jump scares, weird timing for breakout musical numbers, building a lighthouse vs. renting a lighthouse, and when chewing scenery is a good thing.

Animusings+ - Bedknobs and Broomsticks (with Random Encounters)

The debate stands: is this 1971 live action/animated fantasy adventure a spiritual successor to Mary Poppins, or is it just aping the formula hoping to produce similar results? Kaela and David aim to find out, and get a little help from guests AJ and Gwen of musical-parody channel Random Encounters. Topics of discussion in this episode include trippy bed-flying sequences, fun with rolling library ladders, cartoon soccer picks and “Mischief Nazis.”